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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Long Time No See

Well gee, it's been a long time huh? Well, I can't promise to post on a regular basis, but I liked this too much not to do so. Here's a link to the Albermarle Gallery where the artist, Matteo Massagrande has a show. Hat tip to The Fox is Black.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Long time, I know. I can't even promise I'll make up for it this year, but as of now, I'll try to put up something worthwhile once a month. I just don't want to throw something up for its own sake.

So, the following photos are of a couple small sculptures at Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas., my and Melicious' alma mater. They are carved alabaseter from 1536-1548 named Warriors Bearing the Arms of the Van Den Berghe and Schore and of the Van Der Noot and Watermaele Families. Frankly, these are the first pieces of art that I really loved. I think the workmanship is extraordinary (truly, click on the detail photos and marvel) and since they are part of the permanent collection, they are always on display. It was great to see them after a decade or more. So, if there are any readers out there, what was your first favorite piece of art?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Melissa Chandon, an artist new to me, opened a new exhibition at I. Wolk Gallery in St. Helena, CA this past weekend. Most galleries up there remind me of the galleries in Monterey, that is to say the art displayed is not to my taste. Once again though a lone standout, well, stood out.

I like this work very much. And so apparently does Wayne Thiebaud who says "Chandon has developed an effective synthesis of abstract and representational elements in her works. This gives the works an intensity and raw graphic power to behold"

If you have a chance to go see the works they are worth the trip. Try also to hit Elizabeth Spencer Winery, in the old post office across from the Rutherford Grill. Each wine was very good and relatively reasonable.

For those interested, the works ranged in price from $3500 to $9500 (as was our favorite, the Snow King sign), while the piece with the palms was priced at $35000. It must have been 8'x8' or larger. The I. Wolk site has all of the paintings shown.