Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sorry folks; two weeks of business/family travel have made it impossible to update the blog as frequently as I'd like. I'm hoping to do better during the Summer.

Today I'm wondering about artists who sell their works to whatever company copies them a million times, frames them in aluminum, triple mats (three colors too) them and then sells them to mid-priced business hotels nationwide for their breakfast rooms. Is it somehow satisfying to see your work Mr. or Ms. Sohnan (that's as close as I can figure based on the sig) on so many walls? Does the money you earn allow you to do "real" work or are you now addicted to the cash and cranking out more of the same to the detriment of your art? Or are you really proud of this work; this nearly paint-by numbers stuff that I have to stare at while eating toast from a machine used by thousands of other people? Perhaps you can honestly deduct the cost of trips to Italy or France for "research" or plein air work?

I don't know. It's pretty bland stuff sir or maam. Just saying...