Friday, May 05, 2006

Wow, long time no write. In my defense, I started a new job and was watching a friend wait for a new heart (he got one and is home). I still don't have much time to write, but this pic was sitting in iphoto so I could get it up quick and easy.

Anyway, this is our only piece by Henry Villierme. Sorry about the reflection from the glass. I really don't want to remove it to take the photo, so you'll just have to bear with me. This is a gouache on paper work, 8.5x11. I love his landscapes but dislike his figuratives. They just don't speak to me like the landscapes; which don't so much grab me like Veerakeat's work, rather they invite me to look, and look and then, "Well gee, the sun's coming up, where did the time go?"

As a collected piece, this is probably the one of all of ours that is guaranteed to increase in value. The painter is respected by the likes of Richard Diebenkorn, has only recently retaken up his work after a long stint working a real job to earn a living and so hasn't been as prolific as he might have been, and is not a youngster. Personally, I'd be ok with the value of the piece being $0, if Henry could go on painting forever.

And, oh wow, what an amazing coincidence, honestly, I wrote this post and then went to Thomas' to see how to spell "gouache" and there it was, an announcement that Villierme is having another show there on 5/12. If you're anywhere in this timezone, you should really attend. Why? Just ask Diebenkorn.


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