Friday, January 11, 2008

Art in Cambria, CA

So, back in May 2007 I wrote about how on a wine purchasing vacation to the Central Coast we stopped in Cambria, CA and bought a painting but could've spent many thousands more. Nancy Kolliner's work is what I would have spent the money on. Her gallery, (with husband Ned Long) is here.

Her work is incredible to me. Its like the japanese wave block prints, but done in pen and ink and of trees. The work above is called Atascadero Street Trees in Winter.

I also found this little gem in another gallery (forgotten name, I'm so very sorry) that also had a lot of great photography. This is exactly what the central coast is like. It's oil on canvas from 1938 by Alfred Derome. PS., unlike the Kolliner work above which I pirated from her site, the Derome work is a photo I took and so gets nice and large if you click on it.

If you ever travel to CA and decide to head up the coast, Cambria is a great stop. Visit the Hearst Mansion for a docent led night tour and then have dinner in town or out at the water. Lots of great food, wine and art in Cambria.


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